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The 05 Food List; What Foods to Avoid

The 05 list is a quick reference tool to help make your grocery trip experience a healthier one ; oh and less stressful too.

How the list was born.

I have to admit that Jess and I were shocked and embarrassed to find that we didn’t know the majority of the ingredients on the back of  food labels!  So… the 05 list began. While devising this list we read every label we came upon and picked out the ingredients we a) couldn’t pronounce b) seemed  suspicious.

This chart is based on research I have done (you’ll have to trust me), and it keeps Jess and I sane while trying to eat the healthiest food that we can afford. We try our best to consume as little of the 4/5’s as possible, though lets get real, life is meant to be enjoyed, the occasional cinnamon bun or package of Thai rice noodles

Why is it called 05 list you ask?

I am sorry to disappoint you, it is not very original. It named this because the ingredients are measured using a scale numbered from 0- you guessed it, 6! just kidding its 5.

Here is how the chart is structured; 0-5

0-Foods/ingredients with amazing health benefits

1-Foods/ingredients with health benefits

2- Foods/ingredients with minimal health benefits

3- Foods/ingredients that are considered neutral; no substantial health benefits nor harms

4- Foods/ingredients that are best to avoid; some harmful effects

5- Food /ingredients to avoid at all costs; evidence proves harmful for consumption

“THE 05  LIST WILL HELP YOU STAY AWAY FROM HARMFUL TOXIC INGREDIENTS HIDING ON THE SHELVES. because honestly there are a lot of questionable ingredients out there, to memorize them all and there health effect is possible, but not enjoyable” -Brittany K

Who is this chart for?

Everyone who shops at the local grocery store (and health food stores too). I think we can all agree that the best foods we can consume are wholefoods and not foods that come in plastic wrap and boxes.  This chart is not useful for those foraging off the land survivor style, if this is you, I am jelly. You do not have to deal with the  inconvenience of urbanization and consumerism.

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Download yo!

I suggest you inquire for yourself about each ingredient to decide where you put in in your personal  scale.

Let me know if you find it helpful, or have any questions.

Health and Love-



Brittany Kish

Brittany Kish is a passionate healer who cares for everyone she works with to utmost extent. She lives and breathes the idea of Holistic Healing. She started her career in the health industry as a massage therapist, and while she is still doing body work, she has found her true passion in healing with nutrition, movement, and working with the subtle energies that underlie it all. As a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, and Nutritionist she covers all the basis of healing the body, mind and spirit. She has taught hundreds of students how to use their bodies and change their minds, and use their minds to strengthen their bodies. She aspires to be of service, and teach others how to become a part of the world instead of apart from it.

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