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Solffegio Body Tuning

What is it?

It is said that in this universe everything wiggles, in fact that is true, everything in the known universe has a vibration, or in other words a different frequency. That means you vibrate, and each of your physical systems operate the same, by maintaining a specific frequency. We know that when a guitar is out of tune, the result is ugly. When our vibration/frequency is out of sort, the result is much the same, disease and pain and mental chaos manifest.

Tuning forks are placed on points on the body to balance the physical/energetic bodies based on the aryuvedic chakra system.  Each of the 6 tuners are associated with a specific chakras/region, and each tuning fork produce a vibration/frequency that restores balance and promotes healing for the region being worked on. With the use of solfeggio body tuners, a full chakra tuning will take place (small passive movements will be performed on the various joints on the body to facilitate the movement and release of stagnation)

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    • Includes consultation
    • One hour treatment
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  • Subsequent Visits

  • $30.00

    • If you like enjoyed the experience, or feel you need more work done, you pay less.
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