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Medicinal Mushrooms; which species is perfect for you?

This is the first of a three part series we are doing on medicinal mushrooms.  Make sure to check back soon for the follow up article, follow us on Facebook and get up dates.

If you have yet to consider medicinal mushroom as an alternative/additional medicine, today you will.

This article will sum up the 8 mushrooms below and there multitude of uses. It will help you in selecting the species that is perfect for yourself , your loved one, friend or family member.

8 Medicinal Mushrooms

1. Chaga (ininotus obliques)

       2. Lions Mane (hericium errinaceus)

3. Cordyceps (catepillar fungis)

       4. Shiitake (lentinula edodes)

5. Mai take (grifola frondosa)

        6. Turkey Tail (coriolus versicolor)

7. Red Reishi (ganoderma lucidim)

       8. Sun Mushroom (agaricus blazei murril)

Cozy up and read on for some mushroom guidance

1. Chaga: Diamond of the Forest

Traditional Use of Chaga: 

Often referred to as the. “Gift from God” in ancient Siberia, many cultures around the world still maintain a harmonic relationship with this mushroom. In Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, it is considered a cancer cure. Among the Ojibwe of northern Canada, it is regarded as a cure for tumors. In Korea, it is used to fight stress and regulate energy. It has also been used in Europe to cure inflammatory skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema, and it is well known in Eastern Europe for its powers against bronchitis and lung disease.

Actions of Chaga

  • protects against DNA damage
  • increases energy
  • significantly reduces inflammation
  • supports liver health
  • a significant copping mechanism for stress, increases mental clarity
  • high in iron, potassium, calcium, copper and selenium, amino acids (building blocks to protein)
  • anti platelet (reduces formation of blood clots)
  • significantly improves immune system
  • incredible antioxidant (50X more than blueberries)
  • anti cancer/anti tumour
  • reverse effects of sun damage (contains melanin)

Target Individuals: 

This amazing medicinal mushroom is ideal for those with impaired immune system, who have trouble bouncing back from the common cold of flu or who find themselves “always sick”. For those with inflammatory issues (IBS, joint inflammation, acne, bronchitis). For those who are bogged down with stress and have limited energy. Those with sun damage,and those who look substantially older then they are.

2. Lions Mane: Monkey Mushroom

Traditional Use of Lions Mane:

Legend has it that those who consumed this mushroom would have the memory of a lion and nerves of steel.

Actions of Lions Mane

  • improves cognitive function
  • enhances memory
  • stimulates growth of neurons in the brain
  • improves digestion
  • increases health of nerves and blood
  • prevent development of amyloid plaque (build up of plaque associated with Alzhiemers)

Target Individuals:

Those with neurological disorders (Alzhiemers,Dementia, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s)  Those who have suffered brain injuries (concussions), elderly beginning to decline mentally. Those with esophageal/gastric cancer. Those with IBS, leaky gut syndrome, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, malnutrition due to indigestion of food. Anyone who feels that they are not as “sharp” as they once were, or who want to heighten cognitive abilities (CEO’s, students, professionals in all areas). Those with peripheral nerve damage, and those with poor circulation.

3. Cordyceps: Catepillar Fungi

Traditional Use of Cordyceps:

This incredible mushroom has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese Medicine to treat male/female sexual dysfunction, such as low libido and impotence. Through balancing the Ying Yang and Jing energy, it is a tonic for exhaustion, providing stamina and endurance.

Actions  of Cordyceps:

  • supports the adrenal glands and kidneys (nephritis)
  • enhances libido in men and woman
  • increases athletic performance
  • improves lung health and breathing
  • improves chronic fatigue
  • high in nutritional value
  • ensures proper circulation
  • reduces anxiety
  • cardiovascular benefits
  • inhibits growth of tumors (cancer)

Target Individuals: 

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom  for those undergoing chemotherapy/radiation (provides much needed energy to the body), and for those fighting tumors. For those with low sex drive. For athletes looking to gain muscle, stamina, and energetic capacity. For those with circulation issues (cold hands/feet/difficulty adapting to temperature change). For those with respiratory issues (bronchitis, asthma, lung cancers, obstructive lung disorders). For those with heart arrhythmia. Effective against Hep B and golden staph virus. For those with kidney failure and chronic nephritis.

4. Shiitake: The Romantic Mushroom

 Traditional Use of Shiitake:

Shittake mushrooms have been enjoyed for thousands of years in Asia, they strengthen the immunity and improve energy and vitality. In traditional Chinese medicine Shiitake mushrooms promote energy (qi), assist digestion, prevent constipation, and alleviate sexual dysfunction.

Actions of Shiitake:

  • stimulates the immune system
  • fights free radical damage (anti aging)
  • promotes energy and vitality
  • helps upper respiratory disease
  • good source of B complex vitamins
  • a good source of protein and fibre
  • cancer prevention
  • reduces gut inflammation

Target Individuals:

Those with weak immune systems, with limited energy (adrenal fatigue). For those lacking sources of dietary  protein and fiber. Good for those deficient in B complex minerals (good source for veagens/vegetarians).  Good for elder/young, those susceptible to the flu. For those with upper respiratory diseases (broncitis, asthma). For those susceptible to cancer in the family line (preventative measure). For those with gut inflammation disorders (IBS), and those with constipation. For those with high cholesterol.

5. Maitaike: Dancing Mushroom

Traditional Use of Maitake:

Known as the dancing mushroom due to the legend that upon finding it people would spontaneously burst into a joyous dance. Well known ancient healing properties, for clearing the mind and balancing all centers of the body. Was used against cancer, to lower blood pressure  and to strengthen the immune system.

Actions of Maitake:

  • balances mood and helps the body fight stress
  • balances blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • acts on balancing the adrenal glands
  • maintains cholesterol levels
  • advert the advancement of cancer
  • promotes clarity of mind

Target Individuals: 

For those who struggle with brain fog and mental blockages. Maitake is a medicinal mushroom that helps those with chronic fatigue syndrome and those with low energy. Effective treatment for those with high blood pressure, those with diabetes (type 2), those with high cholesterol. For those fighting cancer (shown to slow the growth of tumours), for those with breast cancer specifically maitake has shown powerful anti cancer effects.

6. Coriolus Versicolor: Turkey Tail

Traditional Use of Coriolus Versicolor:

It has been used for hundreds of years wordwide for natural treatment of various diseases. Promotes Energy, longevity, and rejuvenation. Combats general fatigue. “If Yun Zhi is taken for a long time, it will make one vigorous and live long”. Teas and decoctions made of the mushrooms fruiting body were used to improve general health and vitality.


Actions of Coriolus Versicolor:

  • supports liver function
  • anti viral and anti microbial
  • strengthens the immune system
  • anti cancer
  • fights free radical damage
  • acts on digestive health (encourages healthy gut bacteria)
  • lowers cholesterol

Target Individuals: 

Those with breast cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, hepatic cancer, colorectal cancer, nasophalangeal cancer (Japan has been using Turkey Tail to treat the above cancers for many decades. For those undergoing radiation therapy (it enhances the treatment). Cancer (lessens the negative side effects for those undergoing conventional treatment). Beneficial for those with weak gut bacteria (those born via c section, bottle fed, or those who took many antibiotics/taking antibiotics). Those with HIV, and those with high cholesterol.

7. Red Reishi: Shinning Skin

 Traditional Use of Red Reishi:

“The Great Protector” and “The Herb of Good Fortune.Since ancient times Red Reishi is a medicinal mushroom  that was reserved for the emperors and royalty. It Promotes longevity and overall health, enhances energetic balance, and encourages rejuvenation of the body. Known for its calming effect and connection to spirituality.

Actions of Red Reishi:

  • encourages sleep
  • balances energy
  • relieves anxiety and stress
  • detoxifies the liver and bowel
  • enhances memory and concentration
  • muscle  and joint pain relief
  • increases O2 uptake
  • anti cancer

Target Individuals:

For those who find themselves irritable,moody, anxious. Good for those with high stress. For those with insomnia, difficulty sleeping or calming down. For those who have a hard time concentrating and focusing or those who have difficulty at memory recall. Effective for those with muscular dystrophy,arthritis and extreme muscle tension.  For those with rhinitis (inflammation of the nose).  For those with high blood pressure, cholesterol, dyspenea, heart arrhythmia. Helps those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Good for those lacking circulation specifically noted useful for mountain climbers/athletes who want to reduce altitude sickness. For those with cancer (liver,colorectal, breast, neroblastoma specifically). For those with bronchitis or asthma. Useful for those in need of detoxifying there liver and bowels (especially those who consume stimulants, coffee, alcohol, who are around pollutants and eat unhealthy). Effective as a treatment for those with Hept B. Recommend for  those exposed to radiation more than others (work,lifestyle dependent). Also good for those who desire to feel more connected to their spirituality.


8. Agaricus Blazei Murril: The Sun Mushroom

Traditional Use of Agaricus Blazei Murril:

It is known for its ability to detoxify the body and stimulate the immune system. It dramatically reduces stress, and since stress is the “root cause of many diseases” of aging, Agaricus is believed to responsible for overall health.

Actions of Agaricus Blazei Murril

  • Helps detoxify the body
  • helps reduce inflammation and swelling
  • increases insulin sensitivity
  • reduce cholesterol levels
  • slows osteoporosis
  • stimulates immune system
  • reduces mental stress
  • promotes metabolism

Target Individuals:

For those with diabetes (type 2). For those who need a quick acting immune system turn around (shown to be effective in as little as two weeks), specific evidence for treating Hept B. For those with osteoporosis, or those predisposed to it. Those with high cholesterol (HDL) and those with systemic inflammatory issues. Those looking to detox heavy metals and chemicals from pollutants in the environment.

Now you are ready to get some of your own

Where to get mushroom supplements.

You can get them at your local health food stores or you can purchase them online (you can buy them in capsule form or liquid extract, neither one is better)

Only buy quality extracted mushrooms

When buying mushroom supplements look on the labeling to see that they are

1) Double extracted or Full Spectrum (meaning from both an alcohol extract and water extract)

2) The percentage of Beta-Glucans is visible on ingredient list. Ex 30% Polysaccaride (Beta -Glucan) 60 capsules…

Here are two reputable companies that I buy from…

Host Defense- founded by mushroom expert and inspiring man Pual Staments, I trust his mushrooms thoroughly, he treats them like family. 

Purica – A trending brand on the market, and for good reason, they are of high quality. 


Next in the series we go into much more detail about how what makes medicinal mushrooms medicinal.

Love and Health


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