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Massage Therapy

Trained as an RMT, Brittany has extensive musculoskeletal and functional movement knowledge. With experience working in high end spas, Chiro Clinics and health centers, you can feel confident in receiving the utmost professional treatment.

With a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, combined with years of clinical experience treating acute and chronic pain, Jess offers primarily therapeutic massage.

Together they offer a unique tandem massage experience, working in unison to perform a deeply hypnotic relaxation massage. 

Holistic Healing is proud to offer a variety of massage styles for you to choose from, offering exclusively mobile services you will have peace of mind being treated from the comfort of your own home.

You may request a male or female therapist if you have a preference


This classic full body massage addresses the mind, body and spirit. All body parts are accounted for (including hands, feet and head/scalp), unless requested otherwise. Trigger point work, passive movement and joint play will be used to create space in the body and release tension. Feel what it means to let go as you are lulled into deep relaxation. Hypnotic music will help to invite you on this journey to go completely within. Expect to feel physically lighter and free, while emotionally grounded and centered.

*Specifically beneficial for the following conditions; insomnia, restlessness, general body aches/tension, anxiety, general agitation, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia.

Looking for deep muscular relief? Enjoy the experience of steady maintained medium to deep pressure for a true release. I will use passive movement, joint play, and elbow work to access deeper muscle tissue. You will be guided through breath synchronized with passive movement to improve the range of motion in your body and release limitations. Trigger point work will also be applied to areas in need. You will come out of this session with noticeably improved mobility, and the feeling of having had work done. You will perhaps be a little tender, it is suggested to take it easy for the rest of your day, drink water and rest, it is not recommended for example to do heavy exercise right after.

*Massage can be region specific or full body can be addressed

*Specifically beneficial for chronic injuries, chronic tense areas, enhancing athletic performance, limited joint ROM and limited flexibility.

Get Cozy. This treatment begins with a 30 minute massage customized for you, while the stones heat to temperature. For the next hour, through the use of smooth, water-heated stones massaged over the body, you will experience deep muscular relief and complete relaxation. The heat from the stones melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation and metabolism. Music will be played to help you release tension and go within. A true therapy to give yourself especially during the chilly months.

Silicon cups are a brilliant form of therapy that primarily works on relieving fascia adhesion’s. Adhesion’s can come from 1. Dehydration 2. Immobility 3. Injuries 4. Stress.

What is fascia?Fascia wraps every muscle and every muscle cells, like a clear wrapping that encases every and all tissues, and between the layers of all soft tissues. Healthy functioning fascia allows for pain free full capacity of movement.

Some people compare the sensation of silicon cupping to the relieving feeling of “an itch being scratched” while for others it feels more intense, for you, this will be dependent on the extent of adhesion that we are working with in your tissues. If you have never received cupping before I suggest you experience it at least once in your life. Cupping impressively encourages circulation in both blood and lymph fluid, facilitates adhesion release, most significantly it helps to locate and release areas of limitation.

Cupping seems to be most effective and enjoyable as an add on and will be combined with one of the above treatments.

  • You can request cupping for no additional charge