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What doctors don’t prescribe but should; Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemon Water

Lemon water and Apple Cider Vinegar; if they are not yet a part of your daily consumption, they will be now. If I had to drink only two solutions in my entire life these would be them.

In this little write up I am about to glorify these two powerful solutions, because well, they deserve it.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemon water and drink it. Period. Your body will thank you.”- Dr. Reynolds
Important Note* for the effects presented below, the best results are achieved with freshly squeezed lemons in clean water (that is, water free of chlorine and fluoride) 

Lemon has been used since ancient times for its plethora of benefits; it has been known for treatment of throat infections, fever, colds, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, internal bleeding, rheumatism, obesity, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure. It is well known for its ability to fight kidney stones, effect against strokes, and lowering body temperature.

What is in those yellow fellows anyway?

Lemons contain citric acid which improves mineral uptake, is a natural antioxidant, and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Lemon makes you squint your eyes and pucker your lips, it appears to be acidic in the external sense, yes. But, once it enters your stomach its acidic property calls your body to produce a more alkaline solution. This is good because many people now a days consume an overload of foods that cause acidity in the body, consuming a powerful base producing food will help your body find PH balance.

Vitamins! Lemons contain Vitamin C, B6, E, A

Minerals! Lemons contain folate, thiamine, riboflavin, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnersium, and potassium. It is a great way to add natural minerals to your water.

Lemons contain proteins

Lemon aids in digestion and absorption of food, it can be helpful for those with constipation and gut issues. It helps “keep you regular”

The best time consume lemon water

Set your day right with a glass of fresh water and half of a freshly squeezed lemon, consuming first thing in the AM before any food or coffee with yield noticeable difference for your bowel and digestion.

Make fresh lemon juice throughout the day, if you drink lemon water with your meals it will aid in the break down and absorption of food.

Drink it daily! Get creative, add fresh mint leaves, organic maple syrup, basil leaves, oranges, berries. You name it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I just have to start by strongly suggesting that you, DON’T CUT CORNERS with this product. There are few items that Jess and I make sure are %100 organic even when our budget is tight, this is one of them. Pure, unprocessed, raw organic apple cider vinegar taken everyday will yield results.  You will see stringy white substance build at the bottom of the bottle, this means it is of best quality. Just shake it up before use, and enjoy.

So why all the rave you ask?

ACV Is a liver and lymphatic tonic, meaning it will aid with daily detoxing in the body. It also helps promote bowel movements.

ACV is a fermented product; as a byproduct it produces acetic acid. Acetic acid acts to balances the stomach PH, aiding in the treatment of acid re-flux and heartburn

It is antimicrobial and probiotic and prebiotic, meaning it fights off the bad bacteria in the gut while simultaneously feeding the existing good bacteria. Few foods have this dualistic super power, coconut oil is another one.

It supports weight loss and metabolism

It naturally balances blood sugar and improves diabetes

It fights seasonal allergies

ACV lowers blood pressure

Helps cure the common cold and soar throats

It is used in the treatment of candida and other yeasts

How to consume;

You can take a shot (1/2 ounce) the “ol fashion way”, chug that baby back. Warning; it may be overwhelming and stir up some nausea for a moment or two.

For seasonal allergies and the common cold; put 2 tablespoons in a large glass of water and drink three times daily.

You can dilute an ounce of it in a water solution.

A hot summer day + ice + lemon water + ACV + pure raw unpasteurized honey= an extremely healthy refreshing drink.

Incorporate ACV and Lemon water internally as a daily ritual for immune boost,digestive aid, and disease prevention.


Brittany Kish

Brittany Kish is a passionate healer who cares for everyone she works with to utmost extent. She lives and breathes the idea of Holistic Healing. She started her career in the health industry as a massage therapist, and while she is still doing body work, she has found her true passion in healing with nutrition, movement, and working with the subtle energies that underlie it all. As a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, and Nutritionist she covers all the basis of healing the body, mind and spirit. She has taught hundreds of students how to use their bodies and change their minds, and use their minds to strengthen their bodies. She aspires to be of service, and teach others how to become a part of the world instead of apart from it.

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