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Kombucha Recipe

This recipe makes about 14 cups of kombucha.  There are a number of different sweeteners you can use for this, we have played around with all sorts from cane sugar, to blueberry based sugar to coconut sugar.  They all kind of work, but our kombucha always turns out best with just regular ol’ sugar.  We aim for the organic stuff, but if cost is an issue non-organic is alright.

What makes kombucha so great is how cheap and easy it is to make.  If you buy it from the store, one liter of it can cost as much as $14.00!  When you make it at home it costs pennies.

There are a few places to buy a SCOBY (mother).  You can buy it on amazon, you can usually find it at your local health food store or lastly, you can get one from a friend.  There is a great culture (fermentation pun intended) around kombucha and fermented foods.  We love to share!  Ask around, I am sure you will find someone who will donate a SCOBY to you.

NOTE: make sure you are not wearing any jewelry when handling the SCOBY.  If it is stainless steal it can kill the bacteria.  Also, don’t use any metal utensils and your kombucha jar needs to be glass.

Prep: 30 min

Cook (ferment): 7-14 days


  • 1 kombucha SCOBY
  • 16 cups filtered water
  • 8-10 organic black tea bags (must be caffeinated)
  • 1 cup organic sugar


Heat eight cups of water in a large pot over high heat. Add the tea bags and let them steep for a half hour. Once steeped, stir in the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Mix in the remaining water and remove the pot from the stove.

Once the sweetened tea reaches room temperature (very important that it is cool, otherwise it can kill your SCOBY), pour it into the glass jar along with the SCOBY.

Place the fabric over the opening of the jar and seal with a rubber band. Place the jar in a dark room with controlled warm temperature and no direct sunlight.

Let the kombucha ferment for seven days. After seven days, taste the mixture to see if it’s bubbly enough for your liking. If not, let it ferment for a few more days.

Once kombucha is fermented, pour into glass jars and store in the refrigerator. Pour out the SCOBY and “baby” SCOBY that were formed and store them with a bit of the kombucha in a lightly sealed jar in the fridge until you want to make a new batch.

Jess Reynolds
R.Ac, RMT, C.HT, C.Hn

Jess Reynolds is a true jack of all trades, he is a acupuncturist, herbalist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, researcher, professor and inspirational speaker. With foundations laid in Chinese medicine Jess takes modern western science and research and merges both eastern and western worlds of medicine. He delivers a refreshingly unique perspective on health, that is both rooted in eastern medicine and driven by western medicine. His approach is holistic and understandable.

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