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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal. – paulo coelho



All of our courses are hosted by Udemy.  When you click on the Purchase button, you will be redirected to the Udemy website.  If you have an account it will prompt you to login, if not you will be promoted to create an account.

  • Superfoods & Nutrition for a Better Brain

  • CAD$25.00

    • The causes of brain fog and slow
    • Learn faster, and remember more.
    • What are superfoods and how do they work.
    • The biggest brain busting foods.
    • Common foods to help mental performance.
    • Increase your memory in all areas.
    • Safe, reliable herbs to take to boost mental performance.
    • Learn to eat healthier in general for overall better health and performance.
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  • Dynamic Myofascial Cupping Course

  • CAD$115.00

    • Students will have a deeper understanding of the uses of cups in massage therapy.
    • Students will learn to assess myofascial adhesions with greater confidence and accuracy.
    • Students will be guided through the best and most effective ways to incorporate cups into their treatment plan.
    • Students will have a variety of new methods to use cups in treating myofascial restrictions.
    • Students will get video of real myofascial adhesions, giving deeper insight into what they look like clinically.
    • As an added bonus students will be taught how to use cups for self-care in a variety of unique and highly effective ways.
  • Coming Soon!