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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal. – paulo coelho


About Us

Who We Are And What We Do


holistic healingHolistic is a health platform dedicated to you. Everybody has a right to health; we believe that to experience a life of ongoing vitality is the natural state of man (and woman). Health is a birthright, it is not a chance of luck, optimal health is not an unattainable goal but rather a natural state of being. We aim to give you the tools to get there yourself, for each one of you the path is as unique as your fingerprint.

What is holistic healing?  

First, we define a holistic approach; the holistic lens understands that health is achieved through the interplay and delicate balance of mind, body and spirit and how we interact with the environment around us. Only through this approach do we feel true balance and sustainability of health, here you will find that we place equal importance on mind, body and spirit as well as our place in nature. Here you will attain the knowledge to apply in your life starting NOW; you will experience more peace, vibrancy, and balance, this is health.

Healing; emphasis on the “ing” because health is a process, we do not find the answers in a magic pill, we discover health. Healing refers to the fact that health is a continuous unravelling, it is a path that we weave and create.

The beauty of healing; the fact is, no matter who you are, the process of healing is indifferent to your age, gender, zip code, status or the very diseases that burden you. No matter where you are on your health path, even if you aren’t on a path yet, you can cultivate and experience healing every single day.

Who is doing the healing? You are. We have come to know that everyone has the ability to cultivate their own innate healing abilities, the road to health is really quite simple, it takes only two things 1) awareness 2) action. With you in the forefront of our minds (some would argue mind; singular), we seek to ask the questions and raise awareness, and be a conduit for information.

How did Holistic Healing come to be?

After working as health practitioners in the industry for sometime, we thoughtfully, although all be it abruptly, quit our jobs, left the city, and hit the road in pursuit of a more vibrant life. Its safe now to say we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.  We thought we had a detailed plan set up for our future endeavours.  But as life would have it, nothing is quite as it seems.  We were nomadic, jobless and without a home to say the least, we asked ourselves.  With all the time in the world, and enough energy to do anything we asked “what do we really want to do?”. The answer was simple; we wanted to continue to help people become the best versions of themselves; to inspire life and educate health. As we are always learning, we want to share our road to health with you, and ultimately spark yours through blogs, courses and recipes.

We hope that you enjoy our platform, send questions our way!

Get cozy and stay a while.  May love and light guide you

-Brittany and Jess

A Little Bit about Us


Dr. Jess Reynolds

TCMD, RMT, R.Ac, C.Ht, Nutritionist

Dr. Jess Reynolds is a true jack of all trades, he is a TCMD primarily (Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor) an acupuncturist, herbalist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, researcher, professor and inspirational speaker. With foundations laid in Chinese medicine Jess takes modern western science and research and merges both eastern and western worlds of medicine. He delivers a refreshingly unique perspective on health, that is both rooted in eastern medicine and driven by western medicine. His approach is holistic and understandable. Jess graduated from CCTCMA in Calgary, Canada, and having dedicated time to the growth of his clinical practice, he successfully treated clients with a diverse spectrum of physiological disorders and diseases. He dedicated a large amount of time to treating psychological disorders using the medicines of acupuncture and hypnotherapy. In 2014 Jess found one of his true passions as a professor and speaker while working at MaKami College. Dr. Reynolds lead the research department, and lectured invaluable lessons on psychology, nutrition, massage therapy and orthopedic assessment to hundreds of students. His goal is to inspire you on your path to true health, to be there for you at any point along the way.


Brittany Kish

RMT, Reiki Master, Yoga instructor, Nutritionist

Brittany Kish is a passionate healer who cares for everyone she works with to utmost extent. She lives and breathes the idea of Holistic Healing. She started her career in the health industry as a massage therapist, and while she is still doing body work, she has found her true passion in healing with nutrition, movement, and working with the subtle energies that underlie it all. As a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, and Nutritionist she covers all the basis of healing the body, mind and spirit. She has taught hundreds of students how to use their bodies and change their minds, and use their minds to strengthen their bodies. She aspires to be of service, and teach others how to become a part of the world instead of apart from it.

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